Chicago (Illinois)


The second largest city in the United States attracts millions of visitors a year. And Chicago has much to offer: its impressive architecture, the collections at the Art Institute of Chicago and elsewhere, the panoramic views from the top of the John Hancock Tower or Willis Tower, the beaches of nearby Lake Michigan, and the ambiance of Navy Pier, to name but a few of its many attractions.

De Dr King Legacy Apartments

Looking for traces of Martin Luther King will take you away from the busy tourist sights to the west side of the city. In 1966 King lived here to experience the poverty and bad housing of the Afro-American community at close quarters. Although his house is no longer standing, a few years ago a large apartment complex was erected on the site and given the name ‘Dr King Legacy Apartments’. The MLK Fair Housing Exhibit Center will also soon be opening its doors. The visitor center will spotlight King’s message and his special relationship with Chicago.


Martin Luther King also has a place in the DuSable Museum of African American History. This museum, located in the south of Chicago in Washington Park, is the oldest museum on Afro-American history and culture in the US.

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