There is no lack of internet pages and websites about Martin Luther King Jr., but most of them limit themselves to the history of King’s life. This new site takes a completely different approach. On www.IHaveADream50.org we focus on now, on Martin Luther King’s power to inspire current generations, and on the importance of his ideas for today’s society.

At present the website has six sections, which present the mass of information on Martin Luther King in an accessible way. In the Biography section we have selected the most appropriate clips of King’s interviews, speeches and activities.

Through the Travel section, you can follow in King’s footsteps, from Atlanta to Memphis. Fascinating traces and memories of Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement in the US can still be found in many towns and cities in America.

This site also keeps you up to date on the many events relating to Martin Luther King that are organized around the world.

Another section provides an overview of the many songs inspired by King’s message of freedom, peace and equal rights. The jukebox is currently filled with around ten numbers, but many more will be added.

The site also provides information on books, films and documentaries on Martin Luther King.

This website is an initiative of author and journalist Kris Clerckx was created in collaboration with the US Embassy in Brussels. The research was conducted with the help of a group of young people, who will continue to expand the site. It is striking to see how much the figure of Martin Luther King continues to inspire young people in America, in Europe and around the world.

This site was set up to mark the fiftieth anniversary of Martin Luther King’s legendary ‘I have a dream’ speech, but it will continue to be updated in the years to come. There will shortly be a link to Facebook, where we are counting on your feedback, your dreams and other ideas relating to Martin Luther King Jr. And, above all, let yourself be inspired by Martin Luther King: I have a dream!